Issues in Gene Technology

Curriculum link and background

Issues in Gene Technology has been developed to align with Unit 4 Biology, Area of Study 2. The workshop complements the Get into Genes PCR laboratory based workshops but can also be delivered as a standalone session. Additional student notes and  teacher guide for School Assessed Coursework can be provided on request. The debating and investigative skills explored and developed are also relevant to to Unit 2 Biology, Area of Study 3 ‘Investigation of an Issue’.


Using a series of structured group activities, students are guided towards the development of critical thinking skills while exploring public interest issues associated with gene technology. The workshop offers an overview of gene technology regulation in Australia and the application of biotechnology to crops grown around the world. Students are encouraged to consider issues from a social, environmental, ethical and political point of view, and to access evidence based research and information in their future analysis.


Available: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost: Free
Location: AgriBio - Centre for AgriBioscience (Melbourne) and Bendigo

E:   or    Ph: +61 03 9032 7185