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Available: Terms 2-4 (Additional remote delivery of Evolution (Yr 12): Terms 1-4)
Duration: 2 hours (Additional remote delivery of Evolution (Yr 12): 1.5 hours)
Cost: Free (workbooks provided)
Locations: AgriBio, Centre for AgriBioscience (Melbourne), & Agriculture Victoria SmartFarms (Tatura, Ellinbank, Horsham, Hamilton)

Get into Gums - Evolution (Yr 12)

Get into Gums - Adaptations (Yr 11)

Curriculum links

Get into Gums - Evolution (Yr 11) has been developed to align with Unit 4, Area of Study 1 of VCE Biology and focuses on molecular homology and the use of phylogenetic trees to show relatedness between species. Workbooks provided can be used as a basis to meet the School-Assessed Coursework 'report using primary data' requirements for Outcome 1.

Get into Gums - Adaptations (Yr 12) has been developed to align with Unit 1, Area of Study 2 of VCE Biology and focuses on adaptations of eucalypts to the Australian environment.


Get into Gums - Evolution (Yr 11) Following a presentation on the evolution of Australian eucalypts students undertake a bioinformatics activity which is directed step-by-step by our demonstrators. In this exercise students create a phylogenetic tree to show the relatedness between gum species.

Get into Gums - Adaptations (Yr 12) - Following an introductory presentation students rotate through three laboratory workstations. Practical activities will challenge students to classify eucalypt species using morphological features and dichotomous trees. Students will gain an understanding of the biodiversity of Australian eucalypts and explore microscopic reproductive adaptations of the iconic 'gumnut'.


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