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Curriculum link and background

Get into Gums has been developed to align with Unit 1 Biology, Area of Study 2. This workshop also helps students gain the knowledge and experience required for ‘a bioinformatics exercise’ given as one of the Assessment tasks for School Assessed Coursework (SAC) Outcomes 1 and 2. The introduction to evolution and phylogeny is also a useful introduction to Unit 4, Area of Study 1.


Following an introductory presentation students rotate through three laboratory workstations. Practical activities will challenge students to classify species using both morphological features and DNA sequence data. Students will gain an understanding of the adaptations and biodiversity of Australian eucalypts within the context of evolution. This workshop provides insight into the impact DNA sequencing technology has had on conventional classification techniques through an exploration of the phylogenetic relationship between iconic eucalypts.


Availability: Term 2
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: Free
Location: AgriBio - Centre for AgriBioscience (Melbourne)

E:   or    Ph: +61 03 9032 7185