Issues in Gene Technology

Curriculum link and background

Get into Genes – DNA has been developed to align with the Year 10 curriculum. This workshop introduces  the concept of DNA analysis, and highlights the application of biotechnology to selective breeding in the agricultural industry.



Following an introductory presentation, students rotate through four laboratory workstations gaining experience of techniques such as DNA extraction, DNA sequencing and gel electrophoresis. Students work through examples of selective breeding using phenotype and genotype data for both plants and animals. They acquire an understanding of how these modern genetic engineering tools are used by Australian scientists and researchers to breed farm animals and crops better suited to the changing environment.


Available: Terms 1 - 4
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: Free


For more information or to make a booking please contact the Education Officer at:

E: vic.bookings@getintoagstem.com.au

Ph: +61 03 9032 7185