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Digital Agriculture

Curriculum link and background

Get into Digital Agriculture has been developed to align with Levels 7-8 of the Digital Technologies Victorian F-10 curriculum but is suited to students interested in related disciplines of Agriculture, Geography and Science.


Across Australia agricultural choices are increasingly relying upon data that is acquired, transmitted and stored in a digital format using 'smart' technologies. On farm, data can now be collected through sensors that may be proximal or remote to the animals, plants and environments that are being monitored. How is this data collected? How might it be analysed? What kind of decision making could it inform? What other smart technologies would it enable?

In this laboratory-based workshop students construct a digital sensor that monitors the immediate environment of a plant. They explore digital connectivity and acquire real time data from their sensor using basic code. Students collaborate to analyse the class dataset and make precision choices that could impact the efficient use of agricultural resources. Using online software, they also learn how to design a basic algorithm that would automate a watering system based on digital input from their sensors.


Availability: By arrangement
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: Free
Locations: - AgriBio, Centre for AgriBioscience (Melbourne), & Agriculture Victoria SmartFarms (Tatura, Ellinbank, Horsham, Hamilton)


Ph: +61 03 9032 7185